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Dr P.K. Mehta

Professor Bridges, Buildings, and Concrete... View Profile

Dr Raj Mohan Singh

Professor Water Resources; Hydro-Environmental Systems; Opti... View Profile

Dr Ram Pal Singh

Professor Mathematical modeling of Environmental Treatment s... View Profile

Dr R.C Vaishya

Professor Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies, Urban... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar Sachan

Professor Concrete Technology,Composite Materials,structural... View Profile

Dr L.K Mishra

Professor Material durability, Building Engineering and Mana... View Profile

Dr Ram Prakash Tiwari

Professor Geotechnical Engg., Rock Engineering, GIS and Remo... View Profile

Prof Rakesh Kumar

Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Prof R.D. Gupta

Professor GIS and Remote Sensing (Core and Applications)... View Profile

Dr Ajai K. Singh

Professor Transportation System Planning, Road Safety Analys... View Profile

Dr Goutam Ghosh

Associate Professor Structural Engineering, Earthquake Resistant Desig... View Profile

Dr Priyaranjan Pal

Associate Professor Concrete; Composites; Fluid-Structure Interaction;... View Profile

Dr Varun Singh

Associate Professor Intelligent Transportation Systems, GIS Applicatio... View Profile

Dr V. P. Singh

Associate Professor Geotechnical Engineering: Soil Mechanics, Site Inv... View Profile

Dr Kumar Venkatesh

Associate Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Dynamics/Geotechnic... View Profile

Dr Hemant Kumar Pandey

Associate Professor Engineering Geology Ground water exploration and m... View Profile

Dr Rama Shankar

Associate Professor Structural Health Monitoring, Sensor Systems, Soft... View Profile

Dr Shalinee Shukla

Associate Professor Pavement Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Road Sa... View Profile

Dr Nekram Rawal

Associate Professor Water/ Wastewater Treatment... View Profile

Dr Bharat Rajan

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Research interest in Pavement materials, design, r... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar Mandrawalia

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Civil Engineering, Pavement Materials, Pavement De... View Profile

Dr Mantu Majumder

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Dept... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Rock Mecha... View Profile

Dr D Basu

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Remedial design for pollution due to pollutants of... View Profile

Dr Anupam Rawat

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Structural Health Monitoring, Ferrocement,Pavement... View Profile