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Dr M. M. Gore

Professor (HAG) Data, System, and Network centric computing... View Profile

Dr Rama Shankar Yadav

Professor Real Time Systems,Fault Tolerant System, Computer ... View Profile

Dr D.S. Kushwaha

Professor Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, IoT, Machine... View Profile

Dr Neeraj Tyagi

Professor Networking , Operating Systems... View Profile

Dr D.K. Yadav

Professor Software Architecture Modeling, Formal Methods, Cl... View Profile

Dr A. K. Singh 

Professor Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Semantic Web... View Profile

Dr Anoj Kumar

Associate Professor Software Testing, Software Engineering, Computer G... View Profile

Dr Mayank Pandey

Associate Professor Computer Networks, P2P Computing, Formal Methods, ... View Profile

Mr Manoj Wariya

Associate Professor Image processing, Networks, Multimedia Processing,... View Profile

Mr Rajesh Tripathi 

Associate Professor Mobile Computing and Networks... View Profile

Dr Vibhav Prakash Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Image Processing and Computer Vision, Data Mining,... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Fog Compuitng... View Profile

Dr Ashish Kumar Maurya

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Parallel and Distributed Computing, Cloud Computin... View Profile

Dr J Sathish Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Internet of Things (IoT), UAV (Drone) Simulations,... View Profile

Dr Mayukh Sarkar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Non-conventional Computing, Design and Analysis of... View Profile

Dr Krishn K. Mishra

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Genetic Algorithm, Analysis of Algorithm, Automata... View Profile

Dr Ranvijay

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Real Time System, Fault Tolerent Computing, Mobile... View Profile

Dr Sarsij Tripathi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Internet of Things (IoT), Security in Real Time Sy... View Profile

Dr Divya Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Software Engineering, Soft Computing, Evolutionary... View Profile

Dr Shashank Srivastava

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Networking, Information Security, Distributed Comp... View Profile

Dr Pragya Dwivedi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computati... View Profile

Dr Shashwati Banerjea

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Peer to Peer Computing, Distributed System... View Profile

Dr Rajitha B

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Image Processing, Multimedia Processing and Medica... View Profile

Dr Rupesh Kumar Dewang

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Machine Learning, Data Mining, BigData, Data Scien... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Ad-hoc Networks, Network Security, Machine Learnin... View Profile

Dr Dushyant Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Computer Vision, Image processing, Embedded Design... View Profile

Dr Shailendra Shukla

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Netw... View Profile