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Dr Nand Kishor

Professor Power System dynamics and Control, Renewable Energ... View Profile

Prof Asheesh Kumar Singh

Professor Power System, Power quality, E-mobility, Renewable... View Profile

Prof Ramesh Kumar Tripathi

Professor Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Switch Mode ... View Profile

Prof Paulson Samuel

Professor Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Solar PV, Win... View Profile

Prof Richa Negi

Professor Electrical and Power Systems... View Profile

Dr Ravindra K. S.

Professor Control Systems, Power Electronics, Fuzzy Systems,... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Gupta

Professor Power Converters, Control in Power Electronics, Po... View Profile

Prof Shubhi Purwar

Professor Nonlinear control, Intelligent control, Adaptive c... View Profile

Dr Nitin Singh

Associate Professor Power System Planning, Deregulation, Demand Respon... View Profile

Dr Dipayan Guha

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Optimization Techniques, Nonlinear Controller, Mod... View Profile

Dr Saumendra Sarangi

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Power System Protection, Analysis of power system ... View Profile

Dr Suman M

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Operation, Control and Protection of Microgrids, A... View Profile

Dr M.Venkatesh Naik

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Fuel Cell Power Conversion Systems, Power Manageme... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Model order reduction, Controller design, Applicat... View Profile

Dr Navneet Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Power System Operation and Planning, Artificial In... View Profile

Dr Niraj Kumar Choudhary

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation based ... View Profile

Dr Prashant Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Electrical and Electronic Engineering... View Profile