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Dr V. Bhadauria

Professor VLSI Design,Analog Circuit Design... View Profile

Dr Haranath Kar

Professor Digital Signal Processing, Multidimensional System... View Profile

Dr V.K. Srivastava

Professor Signal and Image Processing, Communication Systems... View Profile

Dr Amit Dhawan

Professor Digital Systems, Digital Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr R.K. Nagaria

Professor Mixed-Mode Signal Processing, VLSI Circuits and Sy... View Profile

Dr V.S Tripathi

Professor RF Circuits and Systems, Antenna, SDR, Non-Invasiv... View Profile

Dr R.A. Mishra

Professor Low Power VLSI Circuits, Analysis, Modeling and Ap... View Profile

Prof R. Tripathi

Director Data Communication Engg, Wireless and Mobile Commu... View Profile

Dr V. Krishna Rao Kandanvli

Associate Professor DSP, Analog and Digital Circuits, Multidimensional... View Profile

Dr Arvind Kumar

Associate Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Body-area Sensor Network... View Profile

Dr Asim Mukherjee

Associate Professor Optical Communication, Random Signals and Stochast... View Profile

Dr Basant Kumar

Associate Professor Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Digital Wa... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Rai

Associate Professor Microelectronics and VLSI Design, Modeling of Semi... View Profile

Dr Manish Tiwari

Associate Professor Signal Processing,Multidimensional Systems and Sta... View Profile

Dr Yogendra Kumar Prajapati

Associate Professor Physics, materials, devices, and systems are inves... View Profile

Dr Arun Prakash

Associate Professor Wireless and Mobile Communication, Wireless Sensor... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Gupta

Associate Professor Simulation and Modeling of Semiconductor Devices... View Profile

Mr Vadthiya Narendar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Modeling and simulation of semiconductor devices, ... View Profile

Dr P. Karuppanan

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) VLSI design, Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit... View Profile

Dr Shweta Tripathi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Modeling and simulation of semiconductor devices, ... View Profile

Dr Vinay Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Wireless Communications, Non-Conventional WSNs (Un... View Profile

Dr Anand Sharma

Assistant Professor Dielectric Resonator Antenna, Antenna design for M... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Gupta

Assistant Professor Microwave... View Profile

Dr Smriti Agarwal

Assistant Professor Radar imaging for standoff target detection and id... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kumar Jha

Assistant Professor Linear Systems, Design and Stability Analysis of A... View Profile