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Prof Mukul Shukla

Professor Additive Manufacturing, Composite Materials, Nanoc... View Profile

Prof Hari Sharan Goyal

Professor Fatigue and Fracture, Automobile Engineering, Fore... View Profile

Prof A. D. Bhatt

Professor Functionally Graded Materials (FGM), Bio-mechanics... View Profile

Prof K. N. Pandey

Professor Fatigue and Fracture, Mechanical System Design, De... View Profile

Prof Rakesh Narain

Professor Computer Aided Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping an... View Profile

Prof Avanish Kumar Dubey

Professor Production (Manufacturing), Advanced Machining Pro... View Profile

Prof Rajeev Srivastava

Professor Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM),... View Profile

Prof Ravi Prakash

Professor Energy Management, Life cycle energy analysis, Sus... View Profile

Prof Manoj Kr Khurana

Professor Supply Chain Management, Industrial Engineering, P... View Profile

Prof Hari Sharan Goyal

Professor Metal Fatigue, Automobiles, Product Development, F... View Profile

Dr Jagadish Chandra Mohanta

Associate Professor Machine Design, Robotics... View Profile

Dr Samir Saraswati

Associate Professor Internal Combustion Engines, Alternative fuels, SI... View Profile

Dr Venkateswara Rao Komma

Associate Professor Retrofitting CNC machines, Automation, CAM, Roboti... View Profile

Dr Dharmendra Kumar Shukla

Associate Professor Polymer Nanocomposites and Composites, Fracture an... View Profile

Dr Praveen Kumar Agarwal

Associate Professor Active Magnetic Bearing, Fault Detection and Diagn... View Profile

Prof Audhesh Narayan

Associate Professor Conventional and Unconventional Manufacturing Proc... View Profile

Dr S. B. Mishra

Associate Professor Protective coatings for wear, erosion, erosion-co... View Profile

Dr Rabindra Kumar Patel

Associate Professor Modeling and Characterization of Materials, Factur... View Profile

Dr Manish Gupta

Associate Professor Green, Smart and Sustainable Supply Chain Manageme... View Profile

Dr Shantanu  Srivastava

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr R.Prabhu Sekar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Asymmetric Gear design, Gear dynamics, Finite elem... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Polymer Nanocomposites, Mechanical Behaviour of Ad... View Profile

Dr Binayaka Nahak

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Unconventional Machining, Metal Forming(Broad Area... View Profile

Dr Tej Pratap

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Micro-fabrication Techniques, Advanced Manufacturi... View Profile

Dr Vineed Narayanan

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Refrigeration and Cryogenics... View Profile

Dr Y. G. Bala

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Particulate Processing, Materials Testing and Char... View Profile

Dr Swastik Acharya

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Heat Transfer, Fluid flow, Natural convection, Sol... View Profile

Dr Rahul Dev

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Renewable Energy, Solar Energy Applications like S... View Profile

Dr Pragya Shandilya

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Composite materials, Non-conventional machining, A... View Profile

Dr Skylab Paulas Bhore

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Rotordynamics, Tribology: Gas Foil Bearing, Air Be... View Profile

Dr Ashwini Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Heat transfer, CFD, Transient Thermo-mechanical Fu... View Profile

Dr Bireswar Paul

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) IC engine combustion and pollution, Biogas combus... View Profile

Dr Jitendra N. Gangwar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Internal combustion Engines, Combustion, Performan... View Profile

Dr Vandana Agrawal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) CAD, CG, Reverse Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sunil Gupta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Polymer Nanocomposites, Mechanical Behaviour of Ad... View Profile

Dr Pranab Kumar Kundu

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Microfabrications, Microfluidics, Transport Phe... View Profile